What makes us different?

Interneuron is a different kind of health+care IT organisation.
We are different because we have different purpose: unlike typical Limited Companies (Ltd), Interneuron is a Community Interest Company (CIC) that exists primarily for the benefit of those in need of health and social care services and not for the profit of our shareholders.

To this purpose we are committed to being open, ethical and accountable. Interneuron is:

Interneuron was founded by a team of experienced industry professionals who believe there is a better way to deliver health+care IT services. We recognise the challenges in implementing health and social care IT solutions and we understand the challenges in building robust enterprise software. Interneuron has been designed to address both.

Personal and health data are among the most sensitive data there is. Keeping your data secure is a fundamental aspect of our business. As government data security regulations strengthen and the threat of cyber-attacks increase, Interneuron can help you with your data governance strategy, your immediate data security, and help keep your data safe as you migrate your health+care IT services to the cloud.

Our directors’ responsibility is to deliver for the community we serve and not profits for shareholders. With less money leaving the company we can afford to do the right thing.

Interneuron are committed to building quality, secure enterprise level open source applications. We are proud to be able to demonstrate this through our compliance with the Linux Foundations Open Chain Project.