Interneuron Synapse
Our flagship product, the Interneuron Synapse Platform is the foundation of all our applications. Interneuron Synapse provides

  • Common, extensible data model
  • Dynamic, flexible and Open API
  • Terminology, Identity and Integration Services
  • Synapse Studio for data modelling and administration of the platform
  • An open source stack – PostgreSQL, .NET Core
  • Code is available for download – Interneuron Synapse on GitHub

Interneuron Modular Care Record
The Interneuron Modular Care Record (IMCR) is the “window” into your patients’ essential clinical information and hosts the growing list of modules that make up the Interneuron Modular Care Record. Each module represents a discrete part of an electronic care record that allows you to view and update your patients’ clinical information. One of the main benefits to this approach is that it allows you to focus on the clinical task at hand by easily switching to the relevant module. Not all modules are mandatory – you determine the adoption, driven by clinical need, rather than by technical dependencies.

The Inpatient Pathway

Following the typical acute, inpatient pathway we have delivered the following clinician facing applications and modules to best support your organisation.

Inpatient Bed Management

Keeping track of where patients are is an essential basic function of any hospital clinical system. Interneuron’s bed management application makes this process simpler and more intuitive. The bed management application integrates with the local hospital PAS (or EMR) and provides two way integration – displaying both a patient’s current location and allowing the user to admit. move and generally manage inpatient activity.

Observations (NEWS2, PEWS)

Providing an early warning of changes or deterioration in a patients vital signs – is enhanced with the adoption of Interneuron’s digital Observations module. Fully compliant with the NEWS2 standard, the module will automatically configure the appropriate age specific chart based on the demographic data from the integration with PAS (or EMR). The module will calculate appropriate scores based on the collected observations data and notify clinical staff of patients with high early warning scores.

Fluid Balance

The proper management of a patients fluid balance is a fundamental element of delivering safe and effective care and is all too often ignored by digital system providers. Interneuron’s Fluid Balance module has been developed in close liaison with clinicians and nurses to ensure comprehensive functionality managing both routine and complex (infusion) fluid inputs and outputs.

Assessments – SEPSIS

When a patients vital signs and fluid balance have been recorded, Interneuron’s “clinical calculator” compares a patients data against standardised guidance, allowing the module to define safe ranges or pre determined, local “flags”. The module will automatically trigger the required assessment/follow up (Sepsis as an example) when certain conditions are met. Mandated actions, based on calculated scores, plus full audit trail ensures that appropriate actions and responses are performed.

Lab Results and Reports

The Laboratory Results and Reports module facilitates easy access to “real time” diagnostic results and reports. This helps keep your clinicians up to date with the most recent diagnostic information without having to leave the Interneuron Electronic Care Record.

Operation Note and Outcome

The Operation Note module allows clinicians to view their operation lists, document the operation note and record the surgical outcome. The module works in conjunction with the other modules with the Interneuon Modular Care Record to provide important surgical information to other members of the clinical team and ward staff.

All Interneuron solutions are built on our own Open Source, platform and framework. This means that there is a unified look and feel to all modules that can be visualised in our standards based framework.